"Knowledge is the treasure of a wise man." - William Penn

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Lenni Lenape, or Delaware Indian

Delaware Tribe of Indians Homepage

Terrie Winson's Lenni Lenape Page

Lenni Lenape Language - Native Languages of the Americas Website

The Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Indians of New Jersey Homepage

Museum of Indian Culture Homepage


William Penn and Peace Treaty Artwork

History of William Penn

Pennsylvania State Historical Museum Biography of William Penn

Pennsylvania State Museum Exhibition of the Potamkin Collection of Penn Treaty Images

Explore PA History - State Historical Markers for Penn's Treaty

Penn Treaty images at the Capitol Building, Washington, DC

Benjamin West Biography and Art Work

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts - Westís Pennís Treaty with the Indians, 1771-1772

Edward Hicks Biography and Art Work

Sculptures of the 1915 Panama Pacific Exposition held in San Francisco showing Penn Treaty piece


Treaty Tree Links

All About Elm Trees (like the Treaty Elm)

Haverford 1947 Photograph of Treaty Elm Sibling




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