Lights, Action

A lithophane is a very thin, translucent porcelain that reveals artwork when back lit by a light source. The image appears to be 3-D. Lithophanes date back to 1828 but gained popularity during the Victorian era. Most frequently, a lithophane was framed and mounted on a stand or framed and...

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Quaker State

Engraving of William Penn by J. Hill after Benjamin West Quaker State Rickmansworth, England is a charming, leafy town 20 miles northwest of London. It is so charming that it was the locale of the British detective drama, “Midsomer Murders” from 2009 – 2012. William Penn and Gulielma Springett lived...

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William Penn, the Brand

William Penn. The name has almost universal recognition. More than 300 years after the Tree event, people clamor to be associated with the man who symbolizes fairness, truth and wisdom. A meandering Google search turned up a variety of Penn brandings. There are, of course, schools and streets bearing his...

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Ansicht des großen Baumes wo Penn den Frieden mit den Indianern schloß

Big Story, Tiny Painting

A gouache is an opaque watercolor consisting of pigment, water and a binding agent. The little gouache, circa 1800, shows Philadelphia from what was once a small fishing village. Today, it is known as Kensington. The painting, which measures 4 ½” X 4 ½”, is inscribed in German in the...

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